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Marrone named CCS Honor Coach
Chris Volta

Coach Phil Marrone has been selected as the 2018-19 CCS Girls Golf Honor Coach. Because of the criteria established for this recognition, and the process of selection by ones coaching peers, the Honor Coach designation is one of which Coach Marone can be very proud. He is awarded this recognition by his colleagues. The entire Saint Francis community is so pleased by this recognition. The CCS acknowledges that quality programs are attained by quality players and quality coaches; Phil's accomplishments in Girls Golf reach far beyond the wins and losses.

Phil Marrone Coach Marrone has been coaching golf at St. Francis High School since 2002. His teams have won the last five WCAL league titles as well as three consecutive CCS championships from 2014-2016. But like so many honor coaches, it is his work with his athletes off the course that has been most impressive. A teaching pro at Stanford University, Coach Marrone understands and teaches the game at a very high level, quite a bonus to athletes at the high school level. However, it is the community that he has built and the perspective that he provides that truly stands apart. From van ride conversations, to weekly emails, to practices at Shoreline Golf course, Coach Marrone instills a love of the game, confidence in themselves, and a true appreciation for team. The girls in his program know that they are part of something bigger themselves and have come to truly love and appreciate that.