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Lancer's Girls Cross Country qualify for CIF-State for the 5th year in a row
The Lancer's Girls Cross Country team qualified for the State finals for the 5th year in a row.  Going into the meet the team was ranked 6th overall in Division 2.  The team was prepared to run as close together as possible with the front pack at the start of the race.  In the first mile, they did just that.  They were all in the first 30 runners with Issy Cairns and Madeleine Coli running together and just a few places behind were Haley Torsney and Lexi Cilley.  Freshman, Roxane Thomas was about 10 places back with Sam Garlick and Katy Chu close behind.  In the next half mile were all the hills.  Toro Park has about 400 meters of steep hills located about the 1.5 mile mark and the Lancers were able pick up several positions on this hill.  Training at Rancho on the long Ranger hill made the hills at Toro Park seem short. 

As the other teams  began to stress on the hill, the Lancers kept moving forward and opened the gap between them and Willow Glen in the next half mile.  When the runners came off the hills, and running the last half mile, the Lancers kept moving forward and almost caught the eventual winner,  Presentation.  Halfway through the race the Lancers were down 98-78 but by the end of the race the final score was 83-76.  It would have been the biggest upset of the day.  But, the Lancers took second place and another trip to the State Finals.
Freshman, Issy Cairns finished 9th overall and her time of 19:43 is the 7th fastest time of any Lancer of all time.  Haley Torsney finished 13th over all and her time of 19:54 is the 10th fastest time ever.  Madi Coli finished 18th and the third fastest senior, Lexi Cilley was 21st and is the 5th fastest freshman, Roxane Thomas finished 28th and the 8th fastest freshman, Sam Garlick -34th and claims the 7th fastest senior and a two minute improvement from September.

The  State Finals will be on Saturday, November 28th at Woodward Park in Fresno.