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Lancer Live Podcast 2019 - Episodes 1-3
Chris Volta

Episode 1 - Delaney Kidwell

Episode 2 - Josh Pakola

Episode 3 - Giovanni Della Maggiore

St. Francis High School Production Team

Sunay Sanghani -Anchor

JR Hickam - Producer

 Mr. Ben McEvoy- Moderator


The Lancer Live Podcast hosted by Saint Francis’ Lancer Live Sports Broadcasting Club is a
new platform for all Saint Francis sports news. The podcast is the brainchild of club vice
president Sunay Sanghani(‘20) who created it in the fall of 2017. A passionate sports
broadcaster for the club, he wanted to branch out and create a podcast which would highlight
the many-storied Lancer athletic teams. To start the podcast, he actively sought out different
platforms to record and publish the podcast.
A creation of a sports podcast was also beneficial for the club and its purpose. It would allow the
club members to give analysis and interview athletes. In addition, the podcast would be a great
platform for athletes to express their opinions as well. Initially it started off as 15-20 minute long
episodes which covered one athlete interview and all sports games of the week. But recently,
the club decided to change the podcasts to make them shorter and just include the athlete
interview. “There is always a problem with timing in sports, especially in high school, since there
are so many games and news can become old real quick,” says Sanghani.
Slowly, the podcast started to cover different sports, from football and basketball to track and
wrestling. In each episode, the athletes are interviewed about their season and their personal
goals. Sometimes, athletes also discuss their decisions for commitment to continue the sport in
college. As the podcast gains more popularity slowly, Sanghani hopes that more sports and
athletes are covered, “The more unique sports we cover, the more we can display the great
athletic talent at Saint Francis”