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Four Lady Lancers attend 49er T.H.I.N.K. GOLD Conference
Chris Volta

Santa Clara - On Friday May 10th four Saint Francis female athletes successfully attended the 11th Annual T.H.I.N.K. Gold Conference presented by the San Francisco 49ers. The all day event had high school female athletes from Santa Clara County focus on Training, Health, Inspiration, Nutrition and Knowledge for success in athletics and life. The event was co-sponsored by BAWSI (Bay Area Women’s Sport Initiative). The athletes were shown the behind-the-scenes look at daily life and operations in the 49ers Training Facility. They discussed sports psychology, sports nutrition, leadership & service. Had conversations with former female athletes who have moved on to pursue careers in the business of sport along with networking opportunities with other Bay Area female athletes. This event was devoted to empowering girls to make a difference in their communities while addressing training, health and nutrition in a fun, educational and uplifting environment. The day revolved around the 49ers and BAWSI’s collaborative mission of encouraging young women to maximize their full potential in athletics, academics, and the community while reinforcing a healthy, well rounded lifestyle. 

It was an inspiring day for juniors Tierney White (soccer), Makayla Buenrostro (basketball/track), Milana Sarathy (track), and Taylor Tullo (volleyball). Under the watch of the 49er personnel they participated in relay races and obstacle courses, practiced tackling and kicking, and improved their footwork with drills on the 49ers’ practice fields. They also heard from Head Coach Kyle Shanahan, who spoke on what is needed for a successful team and explained what a typical day for his players is like. Another highlight of the day was a visit to the 49er training and rehabilitation room located inside Levi's Stadium. Here the attendees had a Q&A session with 49ers Vice President of Football Operations and Sports Medicine, Jeff Ferguson. At lunch a representative from the PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance) spoke on how to become a Triple Impact Athlete. She challenged the girls to: make themselves better, make their team better and make their sport better. The day continued with a presentation by the 49ers Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. Finally, the student-athletes ended the day by listening to a panel of high-ranking female employees from the 49ers organization who discussed their journeys in getting to where they are now.

The participants had a great time getting active, meeting professionals from the 49ers and making new friendships. They are encouraged to take what they have learned back to their teams.